What is Your Social Footprint?

Every dollar you spend on basic services (like banking and electricity) has an impact on the community. MyFootprint calculates the impact that you make - your Social Footprint - and helps you choose providers that are better for the community.

In Less Than 60 Seconds You Can:

Compare Providers

We rank companies against their peers to make your choice easy.

Make Impactful Choices

You can boost your score and intensify pressure on companies to do better.

See Your Own Score

We calculate your own personal Social Footprint score; so, you can see how much of your money is invested back in the community.

Spread The Word

Share your score with friends and followers to help spread the word

Who We Are

The MyFootprint Platform was created by the Social Footprint Index Ltd., a fully independent non-profit organisation, for the purpose of informing and empowering consumers to build a more just and fair society.

The Social Footprint Index does not take money from corporations ranked on the index. The MyFootprint Platform is free, and no download is required. Your data will never be sold or shared.  

For more information about the Social Footprint Index, click here. 

Want to Learn More?
Watch the Video

The money you spend on basic services (banking, insurance, phone, electricity, etc.) can contribute to a healthier and stronger community – but only if you spend your money responsibly.  

Still Want to Learn More?

Spread the Movement

The MyFootprint movement aims to facilitate the building of social good into the foundation of service providers.

The MyFootprint Movement relies on donations from people like to you help build and expand the scope and scale of the data and the platform. We have big things planned – we want to have full coverage of all industries in Australia and to take this worldwide – but we need your help.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a month, you can help us build a revolution.

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